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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  April 16, 2012 3:00am-4:00am EDT

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now that's wrong. >> president says he wants tax fair. but is the buffet rule just a class warfare. >> his waive is actually never worked a day in her life. >> stay home moms list their job description and let you june whether what they do is considered work or not. >> going on faith. >> holy roller church. >> that's right. >> gone politic. >> go to the white house. >> governor goes on on 1 with dolly. >> ladies and gentlemen. mike >> ladies and gentlemen. mike huckabee >> thank you. thank you very much. welcome to huckabee from the fox news studio in new york city. well, this weekend marks 100 years since the sinking of the titanic. it struck app ice
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berg at 11:40 in the evening on april 14, 1912. it sank shortly after 2 many a on april the 15th. speak of sinking ships democrat are running for life boat this week after democrat strategist hilary rosen blurted out that ann romney the wife of g.o.p. presidential hopeful mitt romney had never worked a day in her life. now to their credit barack obama officials the campaign manager and strategist david axle rod medley condemned the remarks as did the first lady michelle obama. there has been some olympic level back stroke swimming happening all week from democrat trying to put as much real estate between themselves and hilary rosen as possible. she did issue l an apology of sorts. >> working moms stay at home moms they are both extremely hard jobs. i know. i have shared them both. i'm sorry if that offended you. >>reporter: well the apology was a bit tepid. it revealed a
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a cluelessness on the part of hilary rosen. when they begin the apology with if, mark it knot down not a real one. doesn't matter if it comes from democrat contractor republican when one says i apologize if i offended someone. it's like saying i don't think i offended anybody. but if i did some hyper sensitive person i guess i'm kind of sorry they couldn't take it. had to be consoled with my phoney apology. knoll, miss rosen you did offend people. not just ann romney. but every person in this country who stayed at home to raise children whether for few years or for a life time. because you denigrated the value of what that mother was doing. let me help you out miss rosen. by staying at home and raising her 5 boys who are incredibly graishs, courteous and polite gentlemen, she instilled value that made them all taxpayers. and none of them tax tears today. she took
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them to ask and made the breakfast and lunches and the rest of us didn't have to pay for the transportation and meals. she nursed their wound and got them to the doctor so we didn't have to pay for their doctor visits. she volunteered to help with the in school and after school activities so we didn't have to pay professional to provide taxpayer subsidized after school program. she made sure they got the homework study made good grade. we taxpayers didn't have to pay for remead y'all education for them. because she was available for them after school we didn't have to provide juvenile detention for the mischief. nor did we have to provide alcohol or drug rehab for them. because she made sure they ate good new trish us meals, we don't have to cover the increased health care cost from diseases with lifestyle of over eating and under exercising. she worked. she worked hard. and i'm glad we have after school programs believe me i am. i'm all for school breakfast and lunch programs
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for kids who don't get that at home. i'm okay with remedial programs to help struggling kids and absolutely for children health initiative to make sure the kid did get treatment for their needs. i'm not some conservative who think it's bad to have those things. i think it's just unfortunate that we need those things. and we do. but we shouldn't be critical of those who work really hard and stay at home for their kids when they can because they are saving us whole lot more money than hilary rosen will ever pay in taxes. [applause] that's my news. i welcome urts. contact me if you would like to. go to this web site and sign up for my face book paichbility also follow me on twitter. and i hope you will also register your opinion either on my face book wall or link there to the fox news feed back section. go there and send me an even mail. >> how do stay at home mothers really feel about hilary rosen xhechbilitys joining me is
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rosie bar who stays at home with her 2 little girls. she also started the blog localy and catherine commerce stay at home mom to her son and daughter. now recently gone back to work at rosie and catherine welcome great to have both of you here. [applause]. >> thank you for coming today. tm catherine let me start with you. you are a stay at home mom. when you heard these comments by hilary rosen how did you respond? >> at first one of my friends told me so i looked up what she say. i saw it on cnn and i didn't really understand. i thought the woman i guess she doesn't have children. how could she say this. i found out she did. so i felt lake she should be tm left alone for weekend with 5 young boys and is see how it goes because i have 2 little girls. one is 17
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months and 3 and a half. it's hand fuchlt i can't imagine how much work and how ann romney must have felt when it undermine every mother basically. such a difficult job whether you are working or staying at home. something to be respected and many women have to stay at home mom have to deal with this a lot and it's not good. >> catherine, you have been stay at home mom. you got criticized for that. then you got create saysed for going back in the work police. whatever you do somebody won't like it. >> you get from it all sides. i think that goes to the heart of the problem. when i was stay at home and publicly because hi my personal blog l in which i wrote about being a stay at home mom and got criticism when i wrote about it because i was a professional. former political scientist. multiple degree. >> off p hd. >> yes. and i left that to take care of my daughter and then my young son. i recently went back to work. different
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feechltd balboa and now i get it from the other sichltd criticism for leaving my kids and for valuing my career over my children well-being. my husband is the stay at home parent in the relationship. he was offended that this isn't work. it has been awakening for him. >> michael and mr. mom. >> he's mr. mom. he will be the first to tell anybody that stay at home parenthood is not an easy gig. >> you talk about some of the criticism. what did people say to you when they criticize you. did they say you were wasting your education that kind of thing. >> exactly that. weight wast wasting my education. what good was the education i had. the work to establish my career. that it really was back word step for women, women lake me didn't take their position forward and establish contrary in public life then what did it do for women generally, feminist. >> i find it remarkable that in
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this world tl of tolerance or to be about diversity and choice. you make choices. your choice may to stay at home and maybe go to work but those are choices you make. why can't other people respect tha that. rosie you talked about the criticism you have had. have you ever felt any sense of guilt. i should be out there in the work force. instead of staying the at home with the kid. >> yes. i think unreal expectation for mom that is stay home. i think stl need to also have a side job as well otherwise not expected. really difficult. if you decide on the weekend you want to babysit tore come you are judged for. that l any time off. you have to be many people don't understand you are not sitting at home. doing nothing. you are chasing around 4 children all day. you really don't have any time for yourself. so it's difficult especially in a world where there is, even 1 bill people you have to really many teach your children it's not easy at all. >> one thing that happened as a
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result of the hilary rosen comment and reaction first of all ann romney handled it beautifully and gracefully but it's brought up a wonderful and important national discussion and i think maybe the one thing that has come from all of this is maybe we'll start talking about the fact that resisting our children is the greatest job in the world. and that if we can not just reproduce the next generation -- [applause] frame the generation to be our replacement and they can do a better job than us, maybe instead of us leaving them with a big 16 trillion dollar debt, they will fix it. they will create the cure for cancer. and diabetes. and all the other things. and that happens when we raises the best generation and we believe that it is important enough to do what have it takes to do it right. catherine and rosie thank you very much for your perspective. grit to have you both here. [applause]. >> president obama so-called
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buffet rule just trying to divide working class americans from the rich? i'll ask peter ship about that i'll ask peter ship about that when we come [applause]
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. [applause]. >> during this week of speeches president obama has invoked one name. one name. more than any other. i men more than george washington. more than thomas jefferson. more than even fellow president from illinois abraham link on. >> warren buffet, warren buffet one of the world wealthiest men. >> let's call it the buffet rule. goal of the bull buffet rule. some of you know i prosecute pose something called the buffet rule. i was with warren buffet couple days ago. you might have heard of this but warren buffet is paying a lower tax rate than his secretary. >> president obama so-called buffet rule is this. million naivr ought to pay the fair share in taxes. fair share according to the president is
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for anyone making over 1 million bucks to pay at least 30 percent. but is the president just training to divide working class americans from rich? ceo of pacific capitol peter ship. good to have you back. >> thanks for having me on. >> president made more than 20 speeches that we have counted on the so-called buffet rule. why is he pushing this so adamantly and let's talk about what is the buffet rule. >> well, it's based on the false narrative that warren buffet pay as lower writ of tax than his secretary. he doesn' doesn't. when you look at warren buffet personal income that's only one percent of what warren buffet earned. he's largest shareholder of a company $18 earns 40 million dollars individually he earns 4 billion that's personal share of the earnings and bircher hath away played 29 percent income tax last year. the top corporate rate is 35 percent. warren buffet spent a lot of
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money with all kind of loop hole to lower the effective rate from 35 to 29 percent and if you want to pay mr. taxes company of just paid 35 percen percent. the fact of the matter is if warren buffet wants the money and pay as dividend to himself or shares share of stock the rate is 45 percent and that's much higher than what his secretary pays and warren buffet know that is and i'm sure obama know that is too. >> really not accurate for him to go out there and say my sec pays more. the president released his tax return yesterday. the president payed 20.5 percent in taxes which is less than his secretary paid in taxes. >> oh, sure. that's because they had to give a bunch of money to charity because wrote a children book and all the proceeds donateed to charity. but in did you have pet case it's actually a lie. warren buffet is paying a higher rate of tax. this is investment income. investment income is taxed at the source. lake an
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individual when they get paid by the employer, employer withholds taxes every week. then of course april 15 coming around on monday or the 16th you figure out your taxes and if you owe additional money you send a check. but obviously the money that the employer withholds is still there so if you get investment income taxed at 15 percent the corporation general writing that income are already paying taxes as high as 35 percent before you even get the check. so the real effect of corporate tax rate is 45 percent. highest in the world and buffet recall will increase it by 20 percent to gave percent for high income earner earners. they are the ones that did investing. provide company with start up capitol. existing company with capitol to grow and this type of tax rate will hurt the economy. destroy jobs and ultimately result in less revenue from the federal government. >> i think what you point out a lot of people don't ups this you look at the tax rate you pay on passive income. 15
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percent capitol gain. that money that is earning l and paying tax that you are paying tax on was already taxed when it was aadrawing in the first place. >> absolutely. >> it's a form of double taxin taxing. the president position is let's have a tax rate that is more fair. that is more equityable but didn't the problem it's the entire tax structure because of all of the 67,000 pages that we had a code that nobody including the irs understands. wouldn't it be better to have a flat task. >> slawchlt obama doesn't care about that. he wants the 99 percent. he's political. you don't think it's economical. >> advisor even admitted the amount of tax revenue that it raises is trivial. even if enthusiastic buy their numbers. they want to buy the vote of the people who are going to vote for obama by saying look at the steel and vote for me
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i'll tax the rich and take the money and give it out to you in government programs in exchange for your vet. that's all it is y.with a middle class person care if you hit whether it's buffet or ship for that matter. >> what do they think the economic growth comes from? where do they think all the business. >> i don't know i don't think they care. they are looking for job and how to pay gasolin gasoline. question is how do you convince somebody out there really struggling making 40,000 dollars a year. they don't need to be worried about warren buffet but worried about a new president. >> everyone has a job needs to worry about their boss and finances and ability to write the paycheck. if looking for a job you need a company to hire you. those company need to pay you an raise the tax rate of investment, raising the rate we tell wealthy individuals we'll tax your investment income at 55 percent so i'll just rave my money in municipal bonds and pay zero and makes so much heard are for entrepreneur to
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take home away from the investors and give it to the government. who would believe you grow an economy is taxing people who create jobs create businesses run businesses take that money awhich and send it to the guy in washington who do things like give it to solyndra. >> always a pleasure to talk to you. you put tonight simple terms that's why i love having petitioner ship here. thanks very much for coming. [applause]. >> by the way always interesting warren buffet is one of those folks that has spent anne novrm us amount of money with lawyers and accountants fighting the irs with about 1 billion dollars worth of taxes and the fact is if he wants to pay more taxes he needs to just stop the figh fight. . >> queen of country music and one of the nice equity people in all the music business. in all the music business. legendary dolly part on is 
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he would come and he still sneak in every now and then but he won't come if anybody knows he's there. he will buy a ticket. come in the show. won't go back stage. >> make him by a ticket. >> i don't make him do nothing. nobody makes karl dean do anything. >>reporter: no wonder he's so successful your husband has to buy a ticket. >> that's true. aim surprised. >>reporter: check at cracker barrel.
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>> he probably would. >> let me ask you. what is the secret because that is, we talked about it being unusual but i'm more interested in the why. that's not something a lot of people are able to pull off because of the pressures and all the attention and l just very difficult kind of world whether politic or entertainment. so if there's a message you could pass on to young performers who are starting out as to how to keep the family and their wit about them what would be the advice you give them. >> i think a little bit of freedom. people choke each other to death but my husband and i met before i became a star. so it was like it was not like i ever had to wonder if he loved me for me. because he did. and i loved him for him. he has a great sense of humor. he's very he's grounded and really grounding for me. we actually kind of the says stuff that jolt me he's so down to earth he keeps things on an even keel and things in perfect peck subpoenative for me. but
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i really think that it has to did with he has a great sense of humor. we are xhaetly different. that's good. but we have a great mutual respect and admiration for each other. so i think that he doesn't try to choke me death and i don't choke him to death. in fact if he thinks i have been there too long. he says don't you have something to be doing. don't you need to be doing something downtown. we never had a big fight. we never argue back and forth. so it is pretty amazin amazing. the more i look at it now the more amazing it is. >>reporter: as fourth of 12 kids growing up in tennessee. everybody knows dolly didn't come from a family where there was blue blood in the background. ancestor from the may flower. tough hard scrabble working class family. tell me about the value that your family instilled new that has helped to make you who you are today. >> well i think it's the same
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thing that so many of our wonderful country people have. first i think grounded in your faith. because you have to believe in god in order to get through. you have to have faith that there's something bigger and bent you and something to lack forward to and something to look to. that was first thing. grandpa was a pent cost tall preacher so i view about up in the church. we knew through god all things are possible. my mother she was right in there nothing happened unless she asked god about it. so this was always great. then the fact that poor people you don't have money so you tl need to have a sense of parade. my dad was such a hard worker. my dad didn't get an education but he was so smart. he would be a billionaire if he had an education because had he a good mind and you have to work. you have to work for your living. you have to have instill those value. of the golden rule. try to just try to live by that. the treat your neighbor like you would yourself. tl have those valu
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values. try to help everybody else because you will need the help. >>reporter: you mention about the role that faith played in your life. musically. i have seen so many people who are routed in the church that's where the music heart came from whether whitney had you stop or aretha franklin. so many people had that sort of grounding. was that your original sort of music influence and how things started for you in terms of singing and song writing? >> well, my mother and all my femur, all the smokey mountain music, they were either singing the songs from church or they were singing those old mountain songs that came from the old world. england ireland scotland. all the great old songs but it was still kind of all routed in through the church and i think that's where people like me i'm an emotional singer. i feel in everything to my core. i remember mom used to sing real sad song just
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break your heart. if you were really in there and i think you get imbedded in the smokey mountain dna i call it. the church that's where you have to have the hope. the goods pel song you are a musician. you have a singer. you sing a sacred song or gospel song or christian song it's a different feeling. it's like emotional. emotional attachment. so i really think that that mountain music, sit around and it's entertainment. don't good to town to the mavie the don't have raid why and television. we didn't. so take was our recreation. the church was part of our recreation too. that's where the holy roller church. it was exciting to me. for people to you got carried away in the spirit and the song was good and you got up and shouted. so what? the rejoice and i still feel that. so yes i think tl that church music and that mountain
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sound the really anchored me and i think so many
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are working on. now back to huckabee. >> i don't understand how a person can light up a 3000 sochblingt looks like you just wear out of ideas at some point. >> i just think and write. l that's my grandpa was a great writer and very creative peopl people. the so i mean everybody in my family can write or sing. have a creative thought. but i just look at things and i just have these, everything is here so every day i write something. write down an idea or title and some days i write 3 or 4 songs. in a good day. >> in one day. >> i have. i'm in the writing mode if i take off some time. that's what i like to do. 5 the time to really take time to write. if i get really get that going i spend my first day fasting trying get myself in
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the good mood but once i get past that i can really go with it. i write something today just something i felt talking to you that you connected me to home somehow. i don't know what it would be but it will stir something. >>reporter: i'll give you the address give me a royalty check. >> no. none of that. >>reporter: we are done. no i'm kidding. talk about the project you are in the middle of now. cracker barrel is the exclusive distribute or for pretty amazing project that is both music and also a dvd. so like buying a ticket to the concert and then listening to it whenever you want to. >> this is live performance that we actually did on stage in london. at the tuchl t university arena and back behind the scenes fat acknowledge and tm this is making of show, putting the show together. very entertaining and it's a good thing for cracker barrel and
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good thing for us. >>reporter: your musical career spanned many decades no now. i remember as a teenager disk jockey and you weren't much older than me i was playing blue at kxr raid why and i love it upbeat. ♪ [ singing] that was really one of the brick out songs for your solo career. >> yes, it was. i hadn't been with porter wagner all that long. we were trying to think of fun stuff for me to do. of course i love upon row and everybody loved that and got the big idea i don't know would it was port error buck said why don't you do skinner blue. i will. we started the song and had fun doing it. i always remember doing that because i remember porter had a whip in the studio and recording the
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whip. to get that is of noise and on the record but it was memorable record to make and it became a huge hit. >>reporter: yes, it did. the biggie guess break out song for you went from country artist to artist with universal appeal here we come again 1977. if ♪ ♪ here you come again just when i'm about to get myself together you walk rate in the door just like you have done before and you have my heart wrapped round your little finger ♪ . >>reporter: turned out to be no. 1 in 3 different genre of music. that's pretty rare. even more rare 1970's for artist to cross-over like that. was that intentional or did it just happen and rest is histor history. >> well it was intentional. thank god it happened. i was that's when i left porter show and i wanted to go out on my own. porter and i had a lot of
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trouble. me getting away from there. i wrote the song i will always love you about the whole situation. but then i went on my own. i went to new york to ray to find management. everybody said they are not, nobody is interested new if you are not with porter. i couldn't believe that. so i got on a plane. i went up there and i went to see the head of rca. of the guys there. i went in and i understand that you are going to drop me from the label if i leave porter show. they said who told you that? i said porter. i said well is it true because i'm going to be a star. i'm going to get off and do other stuff. if you are still interested otherwise i need to lack for a label and management and all that. so they said no we are writ with you. >> pretty bold. say that to them. >> hi to go. i had to do it. they saw me and so they kept me. i got another plane to california to talk to management and so first record
3:39 am
everybody said you are making a mistake. leaving country music. i am not leaving country music. i'll take that with me wherever i go. no mistake i'm country. so but if here we come again was my first record when i went out on my own and started singing and that was the no. 1 song of so i thought whew! it could have gone either 5-hour energy? when i'm on overtime. when i'm in over my head. when i have to be sharp... no matter how many time zones i've crossed. when i'm on my feet for hours. when it's game time. when the day's only half over but my energy is all gone. when i need the energy to start exercising. every day. every day. every day is a 5-hour energy day. 5-hour energy. every day.
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. >> you mention i will always love you, the song that you originally did when you left that partnership with porter wagner. ♪ i will always love you. ♪i will always love you. ♪. >>reporter: that song in addition to the great history you had with it had a life of its own. elvis wanted to record a version of it. i think you sdaided no not if he was going to try to take the song away with you. >> elvis loved the song. his manager avenues brilliant man they don't record anything they have to publish they didn't tell me that until they prepped and inserrated me to the stawd why. and colonel tom tells me that. you can't have it. >>reporter: you told him no. >> i had to. >>reporter: that's great. most people wouldn't be able to say no to elvis.
3:44 am
>> that's right. for two days i cry. after whitney came out with it then i realized that i was lucky that i had kept publishing the copy right so the those are decisions that you have to make on spur of the moment and thank god i made the right one. although i still think of elvis sing that go it would have been great. >> her version of that obviously was was a huge, huge turning point for her career. her life turned out to be such a tragedy. such a horrible tragedy. ty guess in all of us we see a life like that so much raw talent and ability, is there anything that you feel like people can do to protect them sfrevls falling into the trap of celebrity overwhelm the sense of who they are. >> well i think you really, i know she was very spiritual girl. i know she grew up in the church but everybody, everybody personality are so different. don't know if pee,
3:45 am
what kind of health issues or im balance or things that make you feel like you have to have something to is help you up or mad swing. i don't know. but for me you know i always hate to see. that same thing with michael jackson who i knew. he was so sweet and so, he was like a little angel. i thought wow! are they just trying to get to that state of bliss. are they detroit tiger get to heaven before time. put themselves in a place that we are not supposed to get to until we get to heaven where we can roll around all day. so i think sometimes maybe the pressure l maybe it's just you never can tell l how emotionally. i pray every day that god will help me. it's easy. could it happen to anybody. i have never one to given anything to scm bell my brine or kill any cell that i might could use to write something with. i ain't the
3:46 am
brightest in the world but i don't want to mess with something by putting something that burn out my circuit somehow. so i'm not judging anybody. i know that things can happen. who knows. can happen to anybody. could happen to me. but i work hard. i tray to always just keep my focus on god and on the writ things. >>reporter: you have had also one of the most followed twitter accounts in the country. hundreds of thousands of people want to find out what dolly is thinking. so that of your tweets have been just gem gems. you say i think all creative people are a little bit nuts. >> i do. i think has what you makes you creative. you are nuts. >> i know that. i have been on that for a listening time. now you told everybody. it's ruined. that secret is out. >> don't you agree. there's quirky. creative. you t you are not normal people what is normal. tivld to do some normal stuff i go back and say i would lake to sit back and be
3:47 am
normal. but do i. i think just craziness in creative people but that's what makes them great. >>reporter: favorite one is i never ever get get involved with politic. with politic you can't be honestment i don't have time to deal with that. you are smart. you are smart not to get involved. >> you are pretty sharp to be a politician. >> i was dump enough to get in the middle of it. that's different. >> yes but i could never be in politic. >>reporter: you have been pressured to be. >> absolutely. i have been offered many things. i almost laughed at are you kidding me is this i would never do it because you can't really be your true self because there's always somebody out there. hard enough just being yourself in this tl ty. this is political enough. but no i would never, you know my jokes and if i say no. had enough crazy in the white house. no. you don't want a woman there
3:48 am
because every 28 days, you kno know, something bad can happen. you know. so i make my joke bit and good on. but no politic ain't for me. >>reporter: well if it ever if you ever decide that that's where you want to head, i have a feeling you will get he legislatureed to whatever you want to be elected. >> thank you. >>reporter: grit to be with you. >> maybe pl we can do that together. >> i'll hold you to it. tl thanks dolly. great to be with you. >> that's great. >> you could. could you come out on stage some day. i would love that. >>reporter: thank you. >> thank you. [applause]. >> even though dolly couldn't visit with us in the studio, she is giving everyone in our student why audience her new cddvd set and as they say on television, but wait. there is more. they are also going to all get a wonderful gift card to cracker barrel restaurants. all courtesy of dolly parton. [applause] while many people in
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his line of work resort to vulgaritytor cheap laughs this ace guy who keeps his act clea clean. coming up. comedian clean. coming up. comedian jim l
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[applause]. >> he was a regular on the home improvement. he's also a political activist. he has been race interestly touring the country with tea party express please welcome comedian jim. [applause]. >> good to see you my man. >> how are you? >> i'm getting frisked. >> how are you. >> where did you grow up? >> me. originally from alabam alabama. i grau up in witness protection program. i was 11. my father said let's go get the cow we are out of here. >>reporter: okay.
3:53 am
>> why did you put this man in the front that's what i want to know. >>reporter: still picking on him. >> that man in the front. hello. i'm sorry. >>reporter: audience turned against you. >> god bless them. by the way you won't get a 43 cd from dolly. >>reporter: you know the terrorist from 9/11 go to trial in new york after a long time. you have to be happy about that being a native new yorker. >> yes. i'm very happy about it. but i think you know they get the wrong people looking for the people. that's the problem. for instance what was his name bin laden or whatever. the guy is 8 foot tall with turban on and took them 10 years to get the guy. 10 year years. with all our technolog technology. this guy owed my uncle dominic a few dollars. still would have found him in three days. he would go to the president give me buick duct tape and i'll take my own guy.
3:54 am
speed limit read in the paper bin laden found. in trunk. carpet that's the kind of neighborhood i grew up. new york different back then. in the italian neighborhood with a lot of crime but nobody saw or heard anything. i didn't see nothing. no matter how you got killed always a heart attack. you can throw a guy off 30 story building the cops go what happened. i don't know looks like a heart attack. dead guy. [ laughing]. >> they could be a guy laying here with ice pick sticking out of the back. the cops go what happened? i don't know looks like a heart attack. the xwi grabbed his chest and fell on it 17 times. i don't know nothing. check if he's breathing. i'm getting worried rate now. all right. >>reporter: one final question i'll ask you. you have also been very active in speaking out about the issues going on in the country. you spoke in the only a lot of corporate
3:55 am
events but tea party events as well. what made you say i'm going to go out there because not many entertainers are willing to do what you have been doing. >> brain damage. l would you good for two week 10 grand. i don't care i'm on it. nothing. lay down and good to sleep for a couple of years. kid from new york i travel all across the country and i would see humor. i do the comedy in between speakers and it was just incredible. i would do 100 people in bar to 20,000. i did sarah palin. it really hurt me to hear how people knocked tea party that were never there. these were the nicest people. never saw a racist sign. didn't show you on the bus half the people were there were black or mexican or latin speakers and all that. they never showed you that. the only people that i saw that were really angry people i mean angry people or raceest miami
3:56 am
were the people that came out to protest the tea party and i didn't see it. i even went on one of the liberal shows i won't mention their names. they are off the air. but what happened? heart attack. [ laughing]. >>reporter: jim i have to go. listen. >> already. >>reporter: yes. already. by the way the gentlemen on the front row he would lick to visit with you afterward. it's not good. >> what happened to the front row. i don't know. heart attack. >>reporter: jim everyone. what a pleasure to have you. [applause]. >>reporter: thank you jim. to all of you thanks for watching tonight until next week this is mike huckabee from new york. good night. god bless. good night. god bless. [applause]
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